Shut-Off and Won't turn back on

  • I had to disassemble my Ender 6 because of a move, and when I reassembled it, I turned it on and it booted up until I pressed something on the screen and it shut off. Now I cannot turn it back on. It's on the correct voltage for the US, I tried multiple outlets, nothing. Does this mean the fuse is blown? I can't find any resources online about this. Thanks in advance!

  • As I said before, I've never been in the same room with an Ender 6, I have two Ender3 V2s. But the power cord is probably the same. If so, there is a fuse in a little drawer-like slot just above the power cord inlet. It's not convenient at all. You'll probably have to take a pocket knife to get it out. It looks more like a picture of a fuse, but there's actually a fuse in there. If it's blown, you still have the challenge of finding the short that caused it to blow. But at least you'll know what the problem is.

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