Price Guess:KS Special CR-Scan Lizard Standard will be $???

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    CR-Scan Lizard has attracted wide attention and discussion since it was unveiled in the market. It is positioned as a revolutionary entry-level consumer-grade 3D scanner with friendly pricing. You can see details on this link:

    After perusal of the feedback, we know some people are curious about the price. Therefore, Creality held this price guessing event and prepared a CR-Scan Lizard as a prize.

    Activity Channel: Creality official Facebook account; Facebook user group:

    How to participate:
    Leave a comment below facebook price guessing post on the price of KS Special CR-Scan Lizard Standard.


    1. KS special includes three packages (*CR-Scan Lizard standard,*CR-Scan Lizard premium, *CR-Scan Lizard luxury). Those packages contain different configurations. CR-Scan Lizard standard in KS special is the standard package that possess scanner, turntable USB-A charge cable, power adapter and plugs. The correct price in this price guessing event is subject to the final published price of KS special’s CR-Scan Lizard standard.

    2. Each participant is limited to one price guessing opportunity. If someone leaves more than one answer in the comment, the guessing price is subject to the first answer.

    3. Creality will randomly select a person from the people who guess the price right by means of turntable lottery and send him a CR-Scan Lizard as a prize. If no one guesses the price right, three people whose guessing price is closest to the right price will enter the turntable lottery session.(If there are more than three people have the same answer closest to the right price, they can enter the lottery together.)

    Participation Date: January 25th,2022—February 7th,2022 (CST)

    Result Announcement: February 10th,2022(CST)

    What price do you think it will be ? Come and join, a CR-Scan Lizard is waiting for its owner.

    By the way, If you wanna learn 3D scanner comparison, you can check this page:

  • @admin Inform us please. Is our money lost or will you send out the scanner? #kickstarter

  • @admin How do non-Facebook people enter? Will you post a video for us to reply to?

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