New Y-Axis offset after installing linear rail and direct drive

  • Hello Ender 3 family.
    I have an ender 3v2 and installed a linear rail for the x-axis and added as well a direct drive kit.
    After everything is installed, I choosed "Auto Home". The relsult is, that the position of the nozzle is approx 20mm out of the printbed. (front left corner).
    That means, I have to set a new offset position of the y-axis.
    Do you have any Idea what y-axix offset it the right value and how can I set and store it in the firmware? Anytime I choose "set home offset", I get a "beep" noise.
    I still have the firmware V. 1.0.2 installed.


    Kind regards for your help.

  • @RASORDIVER I don't have an Ender, but generally when you "Home" a 3D printer, the 3 axis motors drive the system until all 3 limit switches are operated.

    So I guess the Y limit switch (and possibly the X & Z limit switches) need to be repositioned to allow for the changes you have made to the mechanics.

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