CR10-V3 gone crazy

  • Well now my second printer is trash. Installing the BL Touch on a month old CR10-V3 and nothing but problems. I believe it began before the install. I noticed the leveling would result in poor prints…...after having a few perfect prints with manual leveling. The BL semi worked but did not lower close enough to lay the filament onto the bed. Every adjustment as per instructions did not help. After more reading and studying I turned the printer on and viola….the auto home crashed the bed. I stopped it and shut it down. Turned it on, raised the z high then auto level and now it goes positive z instead of negative. After several attempts could not make it operate in the correct motions. Cannot reset to factory firmware…...won't connect via USB as it did to install the BL firmware. Any ideas on getting it back to norm…...or is it dead?

  • @Persius You seem to have so many problems, so my comments may not be much use...but here goes.

    I have the same printer and its been great. Although I was given a BLTouch, I've never fitted it. Two reasons; too many horror stories on the forum, and I've had no real problems leveling the bed manually.

    When selecting auto home, the extruder is lowered right down until the Z limit switch operates. If it crashes the bed & doesn't stop, its either because the bed is too high or that the system is not producing or responding to the end-stop signal. This should be an easy thing for you to test, after first lowering the bed so its safely out of the way.

    If the controller is receiving the end-stop signal but failing to stop, then it sounds like either your software is scrambled or the electronics are damaged.

    If it were me, I'd attempt to de-mod the printer by removing BLTouch and re-installing the original software...but if you can't do this via the SD card or via a USB cable, then you're probably screwed.

    I wasn't happy that the USB connection is live, so I cut the 5V lead in the USB cable:-

    During last year there were a few people offering advice on this forum that appeared to be associated with Creality...but they seem to have disappeared.

    You could try email (if you haven't already done so) I think the address is:

    Good luck mate!

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