Printing Downloaded Files

  • I've downloaded a bunch of files from Thangs,Thingiverse and a couple of other sites. Many have printed fine. Quite a few gave me a lot of trouble. I manged to tweak a few to print and others I gave up on. So....a few questions about files.

    1. Are the files supposed to be generated with all the print settings in the code?
      I would think that different printers and different types of filament would require different settings. So I'm thinking that's what the slicer is for?

    2. How do you know what settings need to be changed? Knowing if a object needs supports is fairly obvious and it seems that my settings for supports haven't needed to be tweaked. But why does one object print fine and a similar one print like a woven basket?

  • @amrap Yep, I've been there buddy!

    I think 'partial blockages' (if such a condition exists) maybe something to do with filament additives.

  • But a partially blocked nozzle negates any settings you use. Note to self: check nozzle first, buy more nozzles

  • @amrap Yes, with a 3D editor such as FreeCAD you can design objects and output your designs as a .stl file. But this file does not produce any printer information.

    Its the job of the slicer to produce gcode which contains all the basic coordinate data. In addition to drawing each layer, the gcode controls temperatures, fan operation, retraction & so on.

    Knowing which settings need adjusting to get the best results is all part of the game. There must be hundreds of options in a slicer like Cura. You will find several articles on the internet that attempt to provide 'recipes' for fixing certain problems.

    It can also get confusing where a 3D printer was working fine yesterday, but today it just churns out woven baskets; it might be due to a more challenging model, or an issue with the printer, the filament or the environment.

    When you consider how a machine prints, its a wonder to me that it ever works!

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