Ender 7 BIQU H2 and Tinymachine Firmware

  • I had a BIQU H2 Extruder V2 from my Ender 6 and if i buy a Ender 7 now, is there someone that has mount this BIQU on E7 or is it not possible....
    If not what is the best Combination on Hotend,Heatblock and all.. I had only 2 questions before order a E7 because my E6 not work for me. Had a bad Time on E6 so i want solved all my Questions before order a new E7

    • best Combination Hotend-Extruder not had many stringing like on the E6 in Stock Settings
    • how update the stock firmware to Tinymachine Tm3d firmware
    • what need on "Must HAVE" Mods first get fast, good prints...

    Thx everyone for his help

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