Ender3 + 3DTouch = HELP Please!

  • Greetings Friends.

    First FYI, i am terminally novice at this and struggling to achieve this successful upgrade. I would be ever-so-grateful if someone could hold my hand and guide me to success with this.

    That said, here's my details, and i'll give as much pertinent info that i know to give.

    I have an Ender3 with a v4.2.2 board, and Marlin 2.0.6.
    I installed a 3DTouch, and that's where i'm stuck.

    The Firmware allows verification (successful testing) of the actual installed 3DTouch via the BLTouch menu options. Beyond this point, i don't know how to proceed. I cannot (via menu) make the print head move on any axis...not even a "try" sound from the motors.

    Thank You.

  • @bEnder3 I Hope this tutorial can help you, please pay attention that brushing the firmware without an adapter board or it will cause the printer to stop reading the SD card.

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