CR Touch install on Cr-10 v2 problems

  • I recently bought the CR Touch tool for my Cr-10v2 But I can't figure out how to install it on the motherboard. Why exactly is there no simple use video to show you how to install this accessory on each different model type? I am searching all over youtube but I shouldn't have to. Creality should do this for its customers. If they have I can't find it.

    I only bought it because the CR 10 v2 I have seems to be slightly tilted on one side and no matter how I level it, it gets off-level after each print. My ENDER 5 has none of these problems. But I just took the Cr 10v2 apart and I can't find the place on eth motherboard to connect the 5 pin connector. there is a 6 pin connector and 4 pin connector unused which seem to be mocking me. Please help.

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