Why haven't I gotten a response ???

  • its been over a week and I haven't gotten a response back yet about my faulty CR6-SE. When will this be resolved??. Am I getting replacement parts? Replacement printer? When? How long?

  • @Memphis
    I have checked with our colleague, he has feedback on your email. Please check.

  • @admin its been another day that passed that I haven't heard anything.. this is completely unprofessional especially for such a large and reputable company as yourself..

  • @admin I'm still waiting.

  • @Memphis
    Dear, I have pushed him to reply to you, please check your email later. Thank you.

  • @admin ! I emailed kickstarter support and got a response saying to upload video and I did and I haven't heard back since then..

    This was my email to kickstartersupport@creality.com on 8-31-2020:
    To whom It may concern,
    I noticed today while attempting to print i kept losing usb connection to printer, also when I turned of the power switch to reboot I heard sizzling coming from power switch and the illumination light inside power switch doesn't always work. I also noticed since I got the printer that when I turn the power switch off and I have the usb cable connected, the printer screen stays on with usb alone... is that normal? Please advise on the steps to take to resolve issues.
    Thank you,
    Michael H********
    Kickstarter Backer #:3104

    This was my response from huangcan@creality.com on 9-2-2020:
    Dear Sir:
    Good day.
    1:The psy switch emit sizzling and bacame illumination inside it while working.
    Could you please shoot a video and send us for analysis. Also provide the manufacturing code.

             2:The usb lose connection ,If you mean the conection of printer to computer?
             Please try to change a nother usb cable try again.
             3:The screen stay on with usb alone ,it noemal ,because usb with 5v supply voltage the same as screen's.
             I hope your feedback .
             Thank you .
             Best regards

    Yours sincerely
    Anwen/Customer Service
    Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd
    Office Address: 11-12F, Building No.,3, Jinchengyuan Industrial Area,
    Dalang Street, LongHua, Shenzhen City, China
    I supplied all the required information and videos and I havent heard back since!!!

  • @Memphis, Hi, Sir, May I know when and where did you send the message about your CR-6 SE problem? or pls leave me your CR-6 SE issues here, if it is with videos or pictures for issue confirmed, pls write to cs@creality.com, and I will ask our technical personnel to help you check as soon as possible.

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