CR-30 slicer generating support

  • I need to print something that resembles a rectangular tube.
    So for the 'ceiling' i need support.

    But it generates support for the whole length of the tube. While i am convinced that the support is only necessary until it has a few layers of the 'ceiling', as after that, the 45degrees printing angle makes that the ceiling is printed on top of the other ceiling layers.

    So a lot of unnecessary support structure is printed.

    Or am i wong in my thinking ?

  • You're not wrong in your thinking. But there's a work-around that I've become very familiar with. Make the top as a second part that fits into the tube. That way you can print the tube and the bottom as one piece without supports and then you print the top flat, no supports. I'll be glad to draw it up for you.

  • Is the tube going to be closed at the top and the bottom? Will it have a roof and a floor and four sides? And will it be hollow?

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