Getting the runaround from a Creality reseller

  • Venting my feelings abit here ...
    I bought what has prioved to be a fautly Ender 3 V4.2.2 as a upgrade for my Ender3 v1.1.4,
    And when connected up everythng seems Ok until and kind of Heating load is selected.

    Then the menus go haywaire and starts changing and selecting options by themselves/

    The youtube video is of the issue with a V2 Screen , but the same issue shows with the standard LCD.
    All with the correct Firmware installed . I've tried a number of firmwares and its the same with all of them .

    [](link url)

    The reseller keeps taking ages to answer with nonsense as I think their Customer service don't have a clue .

    And Creality are no real help., Asked for evidence of it all and then ..... Silence..

    I've gone back to the Old V1.1.4 and all is well again.

    Does Anyone at Creality read any of this .. ?



  • And it's the video of Service tutorial Ender-3 32-bit mainboard firmware update, I hope that it can help you.

  • @ceedy You probably flash the wrong firmware, I recommend the file for you. Ender-3Marlin2.0.6HW4.2.2.bin .

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