Creality Nightmare with an official Reseller

  • Got a later Board for my Ender 3 , and it has proved to be faulty .

    No matter what firmware( tried a lot) or display type ( I have both LCD and the V2 for later) the system works prefectly until any kind of heating load option is switched on and then the screens goes haywire and select their own options without me touching it .

    Being messed around by the seller, Creality passed the buck to start with , now just very slow to reply to anything.

    Gone back to my older V1.1.4 board and all is well again.

    One video with standard firmware and V2 Display , but the same issue with all.

    [](link url)


  • @ceedy when you put the new motherboard in did you update the firmware for the lcd as well?

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