Broken filament sensor malfunction

  • My filament sensor is not recognizing filament in it. The blue light does not come on everything is tight. But I get an error message about missing filament when trying to print.

  • Dear @Death92

    If you have this kind of problem, we will help you to solve it. If you have further questions, please feel free to send information to Creality. Thanks for your support.

  • mine came in august early with a broken filament sensor I bought a new part off banggoods and installed it and the issue still shows itself this printer has been dead on arrival and creality does not seem to want to do anything about it I have had it with the lack of service in their after sales team for this Kickstarter video attached with all the steps that they have told me to try and get this working, it is now going on 3 months since I unboxed this printer or paper weight at this point and it still has yet to produce anything video google drive link do to video length

  • @dmillbot, About the issue you asked, we suggest you disassemble the filament sensor and check whether the metal sheet is in the filament sensor switch is stuck or not.

    If not, then the filament sensor might be defective, pls provide the video about how it worked and the machine manufacturer code to the direct seller, they will send you the replacement part.

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