Ender 3 was working very well til I mended it DOH!!

  • My Ender 3 with v1.1.6 8bit pcb has been working well..
    But bought a V 4.2.2 32 bit board and a V2 Screen ( with knob) and installed it . nit it all gone wobbly ..

    Stock Endeer firmware for creality site .. no BL touch etc .. and the Screen will beep and change options in the menu all by itself.
    Cos its the easiest to do I rewturned the Scree mto Amazon, but the replacement does the same thing.
    Making the machine unusable ...

    Any Clues ? .... firmware recomendations please .. its on version 1.0.4 at the moment .. thanks


  • Dont use v2 screen it i glitchy use normal screen

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