Z stepper motor starts hacking and nozzle clogged

  • Hey all. When I print so after 10-15 minutes my Z stepper motor starts knocking and nozzle clegged. I use PLA at different temperatures, 200-215 degrees, different speeds and 100% Fan. Can anyone help or give me a suggestion for a better mainboard?

  • @JiBe Those are separated things. The nozzle problem can be a obstruction in your heatbreak. The Bowden tube need to be into the heatbreak with no space at all. If there is some space there is a kind of cold part filament and nothing comes out of your nozzle anymore. The filament springs backwards after a few pulses. Solution is to clean the heatbreak and rebuild the hotend when its completely clean. Be shure that the tube is in the heatbreak so far as possible. Clean also the nozzle or a new one.
    The Z stepper motor is another problem, maybe reinstall the plugs on both sides, make shure that everything is "closed"i mean screws and so on on the z stepper system.
    Maybe it helps you out this problems.

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