CR-30 Printmill - Settings

  • Hi all,
    Let me say I am really disappointed with the mill at this time.
    I am hopeing that it is me and not the product, hence this question.

    I print in
    PLA, PLA+, PETG, TPU, SOME others as well but lets start with the basics I use

    • SUNLU, ESUN, Prusa, Flashforge and Teco Fillaments

    I am finding PETG a real pain in the behind, Will not stick to belt 2/5 times
    would like to know
    Basic speed
    Nozzle Temp
    Bed Temps

    Have STL file that I print on my Prusa Mk3's great but on the mill absolute garbage.
    I am however still learning CURA For mill (SUpplied) for this and finding it clunky and not freindly at all.
    also it does not always bring settings from slicer to printer?, very confuddled.

    Can anybody share there results
    Test print seems fine mostly a little line on lead edge but ok.

    Any help appricated

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