Question 3 & 4 selet Print mill,
    My printer is the same.
    15 Jul, 2021 CR-30 1.5MM(thickness) Belt
    Specification: CR-30Marlin-
    15 Jul, 2021 CR-30 1.2MM(thickness) Belt
    Specification: CR-30Marlin-
    21 May, 2021 3DPrintMill mainboard firmware-20210315-143029.bin

    Apparently you format (Fat32) an SD card and add Bin file to SD card.
    then insert card and turn printer on. I am on Mar 21 as well
    I assume (THATS ASSUME) as I have not attempted it yet that we will need 21 MAY, and Both of 15 JULY.
    question are they dependant on the last, as I can not find anything I will assume yes and install, all, in order, one by one,
    Will let you know on that. Hope to do tonight.

    Question 2 (partly)

    I can get it to talk to Pronterface (mostly) but a bit like a dog on a smooth polished floor, go Straight no problem, do not ask it to stop or turn. it will crash.
    Have attempted to update firmware via USB as in Printmanagement ...... Crash
    If I attempt anything but the barest comms it crashes.
    as far as Octprint would love to be able to manage my 2 prusas and the Printmill togetherm have not tried that yet.

    Question 1
    Watching to see if an answer is given by someone, I am in the same boat

    Hope this helps

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