CURA 4.7 machine settings

  • Does anyone try CURA 4.7 ? I try to add custom printer. I can change all parameter except the value of X min & Y min to + (positive) number on printhead setting, also where i can find the code for start & end g-code ?

  • @Bizkozine thanks, just did like you say. Found out if i copy the machine settings file from creality slicer to cura 4.7 the default profile or if i import profile it doesn't show on the list (show : not supported), and then i tried add printer, choose ender 3, change the build plate dimension, copy & paste the start and end g-code. Finally it worked 🙂. Thank you once again @Bizkozine

  • i just copy the settings from the creality slicer, the x and y min i also used the same from creality slicer even tho it's positive value there but it works out just fine, the start end gcode is listed in the box if you want to write it manually or just copy it from creality slicer knowing they already have the setup for CR-6 SE

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