Mainboard 4.2.7 installed, but keeps on beeping

  • could use some help here,
    Installed a new mainboard 4.2.7 on my ender 5 pro. When I try to install the firmware (downloaded from creality) it starts beeping after a few seconds, short pause and starts beeping again. When I put the original sd-card in with the history.bin file it doesn't beep, the screen just stayes blue. So I know its reading from the sd-card. When I put the firmware file on it, rename it, something like firmware1 or so, then it beeps.
    Checked all my connections, gave them an extra push... keeps beeping..
    I downloaded it from the creality website, don't have a BLtouch, so I chose "original version".

  • @Laurent
    It turned out that my hotend was the problem, the wire from my heat sensor made some contact with the hotend itself, as soon as I fixed that, the problem was over.
    You can unplug your hotend, and see if the beeping stops. You can do it like this for everything. It isn’t a software problem, because there is only one firmware to use.

  • did you get an answer?
    I am in the same situation.

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