Ender 3 & CR Touch leveling problems

  • I've installed my CR Touch and I'm having nothing but problems getting the bed level.
    I'm setup for UBL with a 10x10 grid. My M851 is X-45.70 Y-5.86 Z-0.52.
    I run the following sequence.
    M189 S60
    G29 P1
    G29 P3 ;First column fill
    G29 P3
    G29 P3
    G29 T
    The visual output is easyer to see the problem.

    There is no way my bed is shaped like that. Plus if I move to one of the channels and do a G29 P4 to adjust it, it is always off. Probing multiple places doesn't give me a consistent offset, so I can't conclude that my Probe Offset is wrong.

    Is there a test I can do on the CR Touch to validate it is working right?

  • @mtwombley Youtube will help

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