Extruder Calibration

  • What is the recommended way to calibrate the extruder on a CR-10 Smart running version 1.0.10 Firmware? I see in the Settings a way to change the E Step value but there seems to be no way to manually move the extruder from either the panel or Creality Cloud. I'm not opposed to sending a gcode file to the machine to do this but I am not well versed in Marlin. Does anyone have a simple Marlin script that will work for this printer? If "this is the way" I assume I would need to update the script after determining the current feed rate which doesn't sound like it would too crazy with a little direction.

    I attempted to use the example found in Creality's 'Troubleshooting Guide' on page 42 but this did not work 😢 Presumably because it was posted in 2019.

    Please help if you can.

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