Cr-10 smart filament sensor lights up, but doesn’t pause or stop the print

  • I am relatively new to 3d printing, and bought a CR-10 smart in November.
    The filament sensor’s blue light does light up when filament is present and goes off when no filament, but does absolutely nothing else.
    Today my filament ran out, the print just continued despite no filament. The print had been sent to the printer via crealitycloud app, rather than printing from an SD card, I am not sure if this makes any difference.

    Is this a known issue, is there anything I can do to sort it?
    Any advice appreciated

  • IIRC, it is disabled by default, and unless they fixed it in the firmware it does not do anything. The firmware was incapable of saving settings etc (maybe some on the SD-card?) so not much point enabling even if there is an option for it. Dunno about the latest firmware? you might try. I been following release notes and announcements but functionality seems to be still hovering just around the zero mark.

    Do post back here if you get it working, might be useful to some one else.

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