CR 5 pro h, nevelling

  • Hello community,

    I am still a beginner in 3D printing and bought a CR 5 pro h. In the meantime, I have already managed a few prints. However, I have a problem from the beginning that I do not understand. After manually aligning the print platform, my print always starts with a distance of a few millimeters of the print nozzle to the print bed. In the print menu under the option "Adjust" I correct the distance optically at the beginning of the print. This can surely not be the solution!
    At the moment the firmware (CR 5 pro) 004 is installed. However, when upgrading to 011, nothing works anymore. The Z-axis moves against the limit switch without switching off the motors.
    Can someone help me?
    Where am I doing something wrong?


    Translated with (free version)

  • We are still 0.0.4 version of the firmware at present, so that you can re-update the firmware. Your auxiliary leveling only makes the platform be a flat state, and the Z-axis offset can be adjusted to a proper position in the printing process. Thanks.

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