Creality Ender 3D v2 not moving during auto-home

  • Re: Ender 3 V2 stuck on Autohome/Motors unresponsive

    So i got my Creality Ender 3D v2 today, a printer that came HIGHLY recomended by a lot of people. The 'easy of use' that was described interested me, so i bought one finally.

    I assembled it and switched it on, i was happy to see it heated up and all seem good. As soon as i wanted to start using it, the auto-home feature wouldn't work. I tried updating the firmware (yes, the right board version) but nothing.

    I am already hating the fact that i bought it and let the commercials and talks about it convince me to buy one. I did ALL the tricks here on the forums and what i could find on the internet, but nothing works!!! 4 hours of my life wasted getting it to work with all the tips and trick i can find on the internet.

    it powers on and everything, but as soon as i request it to 'auto-home' it doesn' t do jack shit. it 'retracts' the fillament, the horizontal bar with the extruder on it moves up 1 cm and thats it..... and it stays like that for ages.....

    No X, Y, Z or bed movement.....

    All motors can move freely by hand without many resistance to it, all belts are good attached and all connectors are nicely connected to the mainbord.

    atm it feels like a flipping € 200 down the drain and i feel like returning it and buying a totally different brand....

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