Send slice to printer from Wifi Box

  • I recently go the new creality wifi box. After struggling to connect it, I got it going and updated the firmware. All appears to be good. When I have the printer running with a file from the SD card on the printer it provides me the information of percentage done. However if I want to send a slice from the creality app to the printer to print, it either can't find the printer, or if I'm at home on the same network it just idles (loads) for ever with no progress. Maybe i'm missing a step?
    Yesterday I finished off a print, and called my wife to remove the print. I tried to send a new print to the printer from my app as I was out and away from home. I could not even find the printer to connect too, even though if I checked the status of the print it clearly could see exactly where it was in progress. Later in the day when I got home, I tried again, this time as I was on the same network, it could locate the printer but it had no luck sending the slice over.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. If needed, I have the ender 3 v2

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