This really needs improvements

  • I started out on my phone and installed the app. I registered via the app but never got a confirmation email. I can still log in though. I tried to log in through my computer and it wanted to to register. I did and never got the verification email. When I finally got verified it insisted that I register my phone also. It took at least 8 tries on my PC to register my phone before I got a text and did it. I looked on the phone app and it still says I need to register a phone number. It stopped trying after 10 attempts of me not getting a verification text. The PC and phone accounts are the same because all the DOB and gender setting I did in the app show up in my PC and I never changed them in my PC.

    All of that aside, I can monitor my Halot One with the app now. I tried to upload a file to use the cloud slicer and it acted like it wanted to share it with everyone. I paid for this STL so I cannot share it with anyone. So there goes that feature.

    I was going through the uploaded resin STLs and no matter how many times it loaded more models and I scrolled down (for several minutes) it was the same handful of models over and over. I never could reach the bottom because it kept loading the same ones. I scrolled up forever just to see and they were all just the same things.

    Hopefully this cloud service can be a little more useful for me in the near future. It does seem like a great tool for some, just not for me.

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