Ender 3 V2 + BLtouch Upgrade

  • I am new to 3d printing, but I bought a new Ender 3 V2. Built it and successfully did a couple of prints. Then started having bed level issues after I changed the springs to the recommended ones. So I thought I would invest in BLtouch - and now I am completely stuck.

    Basically, the BLtouch is installed (V3.1, bought from Amazon and assuming as it states Creality on it its genuine). It looks to work, does it set up on start etc. Then I auto home and it crashes into the bed, I have to unplug to stop it.

    Just to be clear, it is working - if i touch my finger on the bottom of the BLtouch as it comes down it stops. Then it goes back up and comes down a little more then stops - but doesnt stop the auto homing, instead it just flashes red constantly.

    If I let it auto home, it goes down to the glass bed and keeps going.

    Tried several different files to flash the printer, both creality and 3rd party, cant seem to get it to work. My MB is the 4.2.2. variant. Any help would be appreciated, everything I found online hasnt helped me at all

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