Motherboard Printer Matching

  • I just installed a Motherboard V2.1 into my CR10-S5. I flashed it with the firmware from Creality that I had previously used: (2019.11.13)CR-10S1.1.6BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueFilamentCheckEnglishandChinese.hex. Now the printer works, but it looks like the motherboard thinks I have an S4 or something smaller than the S5 (approximately 300x300 instead of 500x500). When I home, it goes to 155x155 instead of 255x255. I cannot print beyond approximately 320x320 (although I can manually move the head past the 500 limit from the control knob?). Any suggestions for getting the motherboard to know I have an S5 instead of something less?

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