Extrusion Issues/Problems

  • I have had Creality machines for the past 6 months and have been able to troubleshoot and repair everything thus far.

    This one has got me in a bind and I swore I'd never resort to using the forums, but I'm at my wit's end.

    Both of my printers have stopped pulling filament. My Ender 3V2 and my CR-10S. Here is what's happening.

    No nozzle blockage. No heat creep. Hotend is AOK. Bowden Tube is Capricorn and has ZERO blockage. Extruder motor appears to be working. It turns the extruder gear. Some filament occasionally makes it to the print bed, but not much. Thermistor is tested and is accurate. Print Bed is proper temp. I'm using Hatchbox White PLA. Setting at 65 for print bed and 205 for hotend. It is a bit cold in my house this time of year so I have to slightly increase settings.

    I have replaced to an all-metal extruder housing. It's the red aluminum one from Amazon. Also, I've chucked the brass gear and upgraded to a stainless steel gear. Everything worked great for about a week, then KAPUT. It won't pull the filament into the tube!

    I am shit when it comes to dealing with the tension settings for the extruder gear. I know how to press the lever in order to make it easy to replace filament, but the spring just seems to do nothing and have no effect on anything. I don't know if I need more tension or less tension on the filament. That spring is USELESS!

    Can anyone give me some pointers/help? My business depends on these machines and they have both crapped out with the same issue in the same week. Please give me any knowledge you have. I will greatly appreciate it!

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