Ender-5 Pro Firmware update failed

  • My children gifted me an Ender-5 Pro since I took some 3D print lessons and created some designs. The problem is, unable to upload up-to-date firmware for it. According to You-tube videos, .bin and/or .hex file should take care of it by either using sd card or usb connection. Tried both methods with Ender-5 Pro and Marlin firmwares but none worked.

    Only functions the machine does is to move axis to level the bed but it will not take PLA. It did heat the bed once, I think. This machine should have 32 bits silent motherboard. Want to verify if I knew what to look for.

    Any help, suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Hello,
    Did you get an answer?
    Because I have the same problem.
    How to be sure if it is silent or not?
    how to see hard if TMC2208 or TMC2225?

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