Ender 3 Nozzle Temperature Changes By Itself!

  • My Ender 3 with a v2.2.7 board prints perfectly!

    However, when I select a g.code to print, the display says the bed is heating up to my programmed 60 deg, but the nozzle goes to 0 deg (this despite my having set the temperature in my Creality slicer program at 200 deg). I have to 'manually' dial up the temperature to 200 deg at the start of every print. Then, just as the actual temp is reaching 200 deg, the setting changes to 215 deg, entirely by itself, and printing proceeds at 215 deg!

    I don't remember whether it did this with the supplied firmware, but it did it when I was using a BL Touch with the appropriate Marlin firmware. I uninstalled the BL Touch (because I could do a better job leveling the bed manually) and reverted to the original firmware (using the same SD card) .... and it still does it! 215 deg whether I like it or not! Fortunately it doesn't affect the PLA or the output, but can anyone explain this?

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