Heating pad turns off by it selft on CR-5 Pro

  • Hi!
    I have a problem with the CR-5 Pro that the heating of the pad sometimes turns off during printing, resulting in items to come loose and make the printing fail.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Please also add the CR-5 Pro as category

  • @pebano same problem with my crx-pro I manually set temperatures Hot end 215 and print bed 80 in middle of print hot and changes to 200 and Bed either changes to 60 or shuts off causing fails

  • Exactly the same thing happen to me. Done a couple of more prints without the problem. Now I set temperature manually and not use the automatic. So far so good.

  • I have had this happen one time, I don't remember if I was printing from the card or via USB, but about an hour in, the model came loose. When I checked the bed heat was OFF, even though the target in the file was 60c.

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