Heating Failure Please Restart every 3 minutes

  • I received my Ender-5 Pro yesterday and assembled it, it has no modifications. It is running on firmware. I submitted a service request yesterday with no response, I am in Boston MA and Beijing is 12 hours out of time with Boston so I expected to have a response, something, this morning. The issue I have is that I initiated printing of a model that came on the SD card and the printer started warming up ... but shut itself off every three minutes with the error message "heating failed printer halted please reset". Both the nozzle and bed were heating you could feel the heat to touch and the magnetic bed liner was distorting due to the change in temperature. I would restart it within five seconds, turn it off and on and get the model selected, it would loose a couple degrees in temperature but continue to climb for three minutes and then turn itself off . again ... I reset it ten times and got it up to 120 degrees for the nozzle and a bed temp of 33 degrees, at these temperatures it lost more heat in four seconds then it could reheat in three minutes. Does anyone know how to reset the auto-off for the heating from three minutes to sixty ? Reading all of the issues everyone is having I am seriously considering returning this tomorrow . A number of people have referred to it as a $500 paper weight they might be spot on. Also I don't get that there is no manual covering standard operations and processes, this is a software based product and obviously still in development, its ludicrous to think we will work everything out by trial and error along with all of the manufacturing problems to boot. Thanks in advance for your help.

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