Nozzle Temperature Has a Mind of its Own

  • I have an Ender 3 with the v2.2.7 board, and it prints perfectly.
    However, when I select a G-code to print, the nozzle temp stays at zero. I have double checked my Creality splicer settings and that definitely says 200 degrees. I therefore have to dial up the nozzle temp manually (to 200 degrees) at the start of every print. At first, that was the end of the problem, but recently the printer has started changing the setting to 215 degrees (on the screen) during the later stages of warm-up, and it stays at that throughout the print. (I am not going to try dialing it down again in mid-print in case it spoils the print.)
    I was not aware it did this when I first started with the Ender 3, but it certainly did it when I had a BL Touch fitted (with modified software), and its still doing it now that I have reverted back to no BL Touch (I didn't think the BL did a very good job of levelling). I am also back using the original software.
    What is this all about? It is so irritating.

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