Display not showing up correctly after update to 2.0.9

  • Hello together,

    I am trying to install the current Marlin to my Ender 3 V2. For that I have copied the DWIN_SET Folder to the SD-Card, build the Firmware using VS Code and copied the bin file parallel to the DWIN_SET Folder. After that I have plugged in the SD card into the display SD port and powered on the printer. After the display changes from blue to orange, I have powered the printer off.
    I removed the SD card from the display and powered on the printer. The result is this image PXL_20211028_215458057_2.jpg .

    Did I forget something? What did I do wrong?
    Thanks for your help!!!

    P.s. what my camera did not captured: the "Home" text is yellow and not white.

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