2 major issues - cr10s-pro-v2 - BLTouch sensor dont goes down and print job dont start

  • Hi, With our new cr10s-pro-v2, went ok for 2days, but now we have those 2 issues :

    1)sometime for no reason, the print job don't start, it will pass the pourcentage quickly, the nozzle stay on top right
    After changing the SDcard it works 1 time, but fails again. And when we erase the BIN file from SD, sometimes, it seems to temporarily solve the issue. But again this issue occurs 50% of the time, turn me crazy

    2)30% of time, the BLtouch sensor will not goes down, and red light is flashing
    so auto home, is not working 30% of time, and autoleveling has same issue,
    this behavior cannot be predidiected, sometimes, works fine, sometime just a nighmare

    --> with combination of these 2 issues, printing an object is just not possible, I just spent 2hours on trying again and again, restarting the printer, go to menu, etc, but printing is not ok.

    I'm thinking of sending back this printer in 2 or 3 days to the vendor, can you answer or advise me on some actions to fix this ?

    firmware version is 1.70.0 BL original


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