How to clean glass bed? (CR6 SE)

  • My new bed changed from Black color to Brownish color after cleaning with the alcohol. Adhesion has gone in reverse. Instead of not adhering, the prints are getting to the point of almost not coming off. Should I just flip the glass over and use the non coated side?

  • @admin i don't understand. Are you now saying that cleaning the bed with IPA doesn't cause damage?

  • Dear @rjamison

    I send your question to our engineer, it seems that Wiping after power off has no effect.

  • @dave
    The 3rd page of the user manual (if the cover page is page 1) specifically says "Use glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol to clean the print surface before every print for consistent results".

    To be clear, it says to do this "before every print".

    I've already done quite a few prints to test different filaments, and have been cleaning the surface between each print AS INSTRUCTED. I have also noticed a degradation in bed adhesion, which I thought was due to some of the filaments I was testing, but now Creality is telling me that it is because I used IPA to clean it.

    If using IPA is the reason for the decreased bed adhesion, then I would appreciate a new glass print bed to replace the one damaged by following the instructions in the user manual.

  • Bit worrying to find this - I've been using IPA and a micro-fiber cloth to clean between prints and it seems to be working fine... but if it's doing long term damage to the plate that would be great to know.

  • @admin ?

  • Really glad I came across this post, I was trying to print a thin card and had bed adhesion issues just in one spot, dead center. The only thing I could conclude is that this was due to fingerprints because I usually wipe away the glob left at the start of a print. I typically print on a glass mirror and clean it with glasses wipes, so having no idea what coating is on the bed of the CR6 I would have potentially done the same. From this post I concluded that what ever the dots are, it’s not friendly to alcohol, so I washed it with some dish soap and warm water and adhesion is working well again.

  • @admin the manual specifically lists isopropyl alcohol as one of the cleaning agents to use on the build plate. If this is actually damaging the plate surface, the manual does need to be changed.

    How is it damaging the plate? As in - what is happening to the plate, and what are the consequences of it? Are they purely cosmetic, or somehow impacting proper function of the bed?

  • @admin you need to change page 3 of the user manual then.
    or get someone higher up with the correct info to clarify this. if no IPA then you need to send me a new bed.

  • @dlo

    The glass platform cannot be scrubbed with alcohol, it will damage the surface. It is recommended to wash with water.

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