How to clean glass bed? (CR6 SE)

  • Received my shiny new CR6 SE today. Printed out a sample and wanted to clean the bed afterwards and used a fresh alcohol wipe, however it ‘changed’ the glossy finish on the bed to a matte, smudgy looking mess immediately. I have since rinsed the bed & have wiped it down multiple times with water, etc. and the glossy finish is gone, while the uneven matte ‘mess’ remains. Not sure what happened, as I’ve seen alcohol recommended from multiple online resources for cleaning a glass bed. Not sure if this end result will affect adhesion, but it admittedly looks like ish now. Any thoughts on the subject?

  • Ive had the same result on my Chiron. Unfortunately, I think it breaks down whatever they spray it with initially at the factory.

    No one seems to talk about it and I've only see one guy theorize that they use something similar to Vision Miners nano polymer adhesive, so I think the alcohol gets rid of that making it stick way worse.

    Since having that experience, I've resorted to simply brushing off the bed/only using water.

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  • I use 91% IPA, diluted with distilled water for pretty much everything, so it's not any additives.
    Could be 70% IPA isn't strong enough to affect it, but just tested on one of the edges of my ruined bed, where there is still some of the coating left,, and with 91% even just a single fairly quick wipe removes a visible amount of the yellowish coating, so you won't have to clean it many times with stronger stuff to completely strip the coating. The little rubbery nubs won't be affected, but they also don't really do much to help adhesion, at least for me.

    Still waiting on my replacement bed, think most of my magnetic PEI surfaces will arrive before the spare does 😞

  • @guivo maybe it has something to do with the strength or what its mixed with then. I've had this for 2 weeks and honestly I can really see a difference from before and after. I think my personal recommendation would be not to use it. Although there is always another route of you do and have bad results.

  • @gazman1985 I had onestly the opposite esperience, I had adhesion problems and after having tried anything, cleaning with ipa fixed the issue.

    I am currently using water and glass soup regularly, ipa once in a while, washing away with water immediately.

    The texture on the glass didn't change in more than a month of good use and adhesion is good.

  • Hi guys some insight based on what I've seen dont use IPA I did and my bed adhesion is no where near as good as it was I actually fitted pei sheet and back to 100% print quality i fitted the pei to the glass bed as the base underneath was not level but trust me it made a huge improvement. If you've already used IPA assume the adhesion is not going to be anywhere near as good wish I had know this before but happy now with my first layers again.

    I was convinced the abl wasn't doing anything or something weird but it ended up being adhesion issues creatality I recommend you take the comment of the manual.

  • @rjamison said in How to clean glass bed? (CR6 SE):

    Still no explanation how IPA damages them, either

    If you use a light-coloured cloth with your IPA, you can see a yellow residue coming off the bed onto the cloth. That's the coating that makes it so you don't have to mess around with glue or hairspryay with the glass.
    Before using IPA on mine (as I'm used to with glass beds, and as the manual recommends) I actually had pretty good adhesion. Now it's like printing on hardware store glass plates back in the day, but it has a weird texture and the creality logo on it 😞

  • @3dala +1 on sharing experience.

    I finally heard back from support, who said my glass beds weren't damaged enough for them to replace. Still no explanation how IPA damages them, either. Just an admonishing about using water to clean them.

  • @3dala I ordered 3 different brands of flex beds and one 3rd party glass one, I'll definitely share my experiences once they arrive and I have a chance to put them through some prints. 👍

  • @shinmai thanks a lot. if you can recommend a 3rd party bed, would be great if you can share your experience.

  • Creality is not responsive at all (haven't gotten a single reply to my e-mail yet, it's been a week) but if you don't mind paying for the replacement out of your own pocket, the beds are now available on the usual sites (AliExpress et al).

    Personally going with a 3rd party platform since Creality doesn't seem to be addressing customer support enquiries about this at all.

  • Hi,
    i think my glass bed is damged too, because i cleaned it like described in the manual.
    I got a lot of adhesion issues.
    Now i tried to clean with water, but still the same problems.

    Is there any chance to get a new one?

  • @admin @admin cr-6manual pg3
    So where can we claim for a replacement glass platform, to replace one that's been damaged by following the user manual to the letter?

  • @admin I'm interested in a possible free replacement as well. The user manual literally says to use Alcohol. ! There is is RIGHT THERE

  • @admin or is there a way we can repair the print surface?

  • @admin Since following the instructions in the manual damages the glass print bed, I (and I presume others) would like Creality to replace damaged print beds. How do we go this?

  • Dear @rjamison

    I have double-checked this, It is not wiped with IPA, it can be wiped with detergent or water, not with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, which will damage the surface coating of the glass.

  • My new bed changed from Black color to Brownish color after cleaning with the alcohol. Adhesion has gone in reverse. Instead of not adhering, the prints are getting to the point of almost not coming off. Should I just flip the glass over and use the non coated side?

  • @admin i don't understand. Are you now saying that cleaning the bed with IPA doesn't cause damage?

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