After Creality Camera is plugged in the wifi box stops working

  • Creality Wifi Box Works until the camera is connected. Do I update firmware? I am given no option to do so in the app. I purchased the wifi box then purchased the camera afterwards. I tried a tried a generic webcam and wouldn't work either so I bought the 'Creality' web cam and not working. As soon as I plug in the camera It goes solid yellow, looses wifi broadcast, and you can not do anything. As soon as you unplug the camera...your good to go. What is up with this? Before I start messing around with firmware is there something I should know about. Followed all the instructions. Very frustrating. I think I may have wasted more money. This is actually my second wifi box. Couldn't get the first unbricked after I turned it on without the printer on. Thats another issue creality needs to work power to the printer from the wifi box. Shouldn't happen. Some other post suggested cutting the +5 volt lead in the usb cable. Why should I have to do this? I can and will try it but shouldn't have to. Anyways...solution or insight please!!! Not wasting anymore money. If I have to hack stuff so be it but again shouldn't have to. This should be proven hardware and software with minor glitches or fumbles. Not junk like this. I just want the CREALITY CAMERA FOR THE CREALITY WIFI BOX TO WORK AS ADVERTISED!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT!!!! I downloaded the latest firmware from this site which is difficult to begin with. So will actually try and update my first wifi box with the firmware and see what happens. Not going to try it on the working box. Once this is working it will be amazing...once it is working. Again any insight or suggestions will be fantastic!!!

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