Installed 4.2.7 board - Now the display switches between the status screen and menu screen making annoying beeps.

  • I have purchased and installed the 4.2.7 32-bit silent board for my Ender 5 (without the BL-TOUCH and no filament detector)

    The Ender-3 firmware came installed on it, so according to the manufacturer indications, I downloaded the latest firmware version for the Ender-5 from which would be the file: "Ender-5,5S 4.2.7mainboard (32bit) .zip".

    From this ZIP file I extracted the firmware (original) corresponding to my printer: "Ender-5- Marlin 2.0.1 - V1.0.1 - TMC2225.bin" (since I don't have the level sensor or the filament detector)

    I copied it to a FAT32 formatted SD card and installed it in the printer. It initialized and loaded successfully. When I entered to check the printer configuration, it indicated: MARLIN 1.0.1 ENDER-5 dated 2020-04-25.

    From there, I ran into these problems:

    • The extruder was inverted. I solved it by changing the connections on the motor connector (crossing 1 with 3 and 4 with 6)

    • The main problem now is that THE DISPLAY PERMANENTLY SWITCHES AND MAKES AN ANNOYING BEEP. This starts as soon as it start to heat the bed or start printing. I didn't find this problem documented anywhere.

    • In the original firmware that came with the Ender-5 (8-bit board v1.1.4) the FILAMENT CHANGE and MANUAL BED LEVELING functions were available. With this update I don't have those functions. Is there any firmware (.BIN file) with those functions available? They are essential to be able to use the printer normally.

    I will be grateful if someone can help me solve these issues, because I cannot use the printer under these conditions.

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