3 V2 - Print completes without printing?!

  • Just got my 3 V2, and printed a few things successfully with the included PLA. Switched to some new PLA (Sunlu PLA) and now the print job starts, the head moves to the front left of the bed as if it were going to print the left edge test strip. It stops there for about 1 second, then moves to the center of the bed and stops again. The print progress bar moves quickly to 100% and the temperature shuts down and the printer announces the job is complete!??

    I've tested X/Y/Z motion and extruder function via the MOVE menu, and everything works as expected.

    I thought maybe it could be a slicer issue of some kind, so tried several different jobs. Also tried the pre-sliced job included with the temperature tower project. They all behave the same way. What the heck is going on ????

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