I can't print in double extrusion. CR-X

  • Hi everyone! I have a small problem with the double extrusion. The print starts well, but when I get to the extruder change, it retracts the filament far too far and the other filament doesn't go far enough, which makes the nozzle run empty at the prime tower.
    I can't find a parameter for this in the double extrusion section of the slicer....

    Someone with a CR-X might be able to point me in the right direction ? Thanks a lot !


  • @jay68480 Q1: Nozzle switching back pumping distance
    Q2: It is used by our slicing software, but in Cura can be used as well.

  • @admin Thank you for your reply!
    But I can't find in which parameter I have to enter this retraction distance.
    When you talk about the software version, is it for Cura or the Creality Slicer based on Cura?

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • @jay68480 The distance is generally about 100, 90-95 commonly used. And I recommend you to use the 1.2.3 version software.😊 😊

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