need help with bl touch

  • ok So i very new to this, i have a cr touch installed to my ender-3 3d printer. its the most basic version i think its using marlin version 1.0.1. like i said i really dont know anything. my problem is i can't find the right software to download to it. i cant get the printer to understand that it has the cr touch installed. i just need help finding the right file. theres like 7 or 8 different ones on the ender website but none of them have seemed todo anything. as i understand it's supposed to flash the file onto the printer when the card is inserted. however i havent seen and change. thanks in advance.

  • hey sorry been too busy to deal with this printer, it looks like its v4.2.2. that's the only thing that looks like the id of it.

  • @I_Love_dogs Please open the cover of the motherboard, determine the version of the motherboard, and update the firmware corresponding to the version of the motherboard. If you cannot determine the version, please send me the photo. If your motherboard is 32 bits, just format the SD card, put it in the bin file and wait for loading.

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