Ender 3 Max & CR Touch Air Printing

  • Hi,

    I am a new user of Ender 3D printers; I have an Ender 3 Max with a Creality CR Touch unit installed. I followed this video on YouTube to install and configure my printer:


    I was having some problems with the printer, primarily levelling the bed, and was advised to get a BL Touch. I opted for an official Creality CR Touch (because of it being official) and followed another YouTube video to install it; during that process I disconnected and removed my Z cable but subsequently learned that was unnecessary (some people use both).

    First, a video of my printer bed levelling using the Creality CR Touch.


    As you can see, it's not doing the bed level the way it should (the way it did to begin with, which was to move to nine points before it auto homes). Clearly, I've done something wrong, but I don't recall what that was, perhaps when I switched the printer off, mid-print.

    My second video shows that my printer is printing a centimetre or so above the bed (the "air printing" I mention in the title).


    I think this has something to do with my inability to work out what to do about the Z-Offset; by that I mean I am not entirely sure I am adjusting the Z offset correctly (the printer doesn't seem to "know" I did so and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong). Maybe all I need is solid advice on how to configure the printer to the right level (Z axis offset) i.e., what steps I need to follow to make the printer remember that offset so any advice appreciated. Clearly the printer needs to "know" about the offset, but I think I might have missed a step somewhere. Also, I'm not sure whether the slicer (I've tried both Ultimaker Cura and Prusaslicer) needs to be configured for that offset, could that be why it is air printing?

    There are other odd behaviours such as when I switch on the printer, sometimes I can't adjust the Z-Axis yet, when I switch it off, then on again, I can. I don't seem able to get the printer to "remember" any offset.

    The following solutions have been suggested to me:

    • Adjust the Z-Stop: I did that before I installed the CR touch but, following the video I did to install the CR touch, I removed the Z cable.
    • Use the "Z Offset Wizard": Apparently, in Marlin firmware (I have v1.0.1.6) there is a Z Offset Wizard which centres the probe, lowers the head which I would then configure using paper. Apparently, the Z Offset gets set when I hit OK, but I haven't found this wizard anywhere in the configuration.

    Right now, I'm tempted to remove the CR Touch entirely and put the Z-cable back, but I'm not sure if I should.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


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