Intellectual Property dispute

  • Hello,

    Could we get an update on the KS message about the Intellectual Property dispute opened up against the Lizard?


  • Creality,

    I have paid for my Scan Lizard and still you have not sent it? or even bothered to update me or anyone of your backers to what is actually going on????? this is disgusting customer service? I expected better from a company who normally provides such amazing machinery? you are unfortunately ruining your companys great image due to lack of communication / consideration to your costumers ???? I agree with another backer on this thread that you have a duty to update all of us weekly at least or failing that offer a full refund for the full amount immediately !!! I am sure I speak for many of your paying customers when I say that none of us (Backers) will ever be willing to back another one of your projects due to the lack of communications you have displayed? and we will ensure it is well known that your business ethics towards it costumers is terrible!!!

    I demand an update or a refund !!

  • @AdrianR Creality's total silence towards backers recently is really worrying. Why is it not possible to have an update from them? I've made a significant payment via KS and have a right to know. As an absolute minimum, they should confirm their good intentions towards backers and, perhaps, say something like "legal proceedings are ongoing and we will update you whether there are developments, or none, every week"...

  • Dear Creality, please urgently provide an update to the backers. The last official information I saw was that you would ship our scanners by the end of April regardless of the outcome of the IP legal challenge - presumably because the challenge only relates to PC software and not the physical hardware. What is happening? We need to know.

    If you cannot ship the scanners then you must provide full refunds to all backers.

    Artec cannot have any legitimate claim to receive the funds we have pledged - that would be theft. Our pledges to Creality for the scanners has nothing to do with a legal claim by Artec against of Creality. If Creality has to settle then that payment would come from the assets held by Creality, and I assume that as a successful business you can afford to settle from them.

  • @rikvermeer That seems to be the issue in the intellectual property case, the software provided by Creality is claimed to be that developed by Artec and sold / provided by them for their scanner.

  • @wiseman13 Thanks! Did you receive any more info yet?

  • Can I use the CR Lizard with with their Artec studio? I don't want their hardware b.c. 700 euro/usd for a rotary plate is insane. But using the scan lizard in combination with artec might be ok for some users.

  • Dear Creality

    You were flooding us with infos and updates during the campaign. Since kickstarter deleted your campaign, I only get one short mail. I am really losing the trust in you. Please keep us informed, will you send out the scanners in scheduled time? You promised a lot, now you guys took the money from the kickstarter campaign 4Mio USD) and you are just quiet. What is going on now? Will you send out the first batch within the next days?

  • Here are the details I found via another thread looking into this. Seems the software, which I am assuming Creatlity paid for, was ill-gotten by those that sold it to them.

  • Yes, will we get the scanner in time? Wexkeed information!

  • Yeah very interested. Its 10:30am Hong Kong Time guys i know you got a notice on the 25th according to the court records.

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