Looking for a solid recommendation

  • Team,

    Started to perform an update on my Ender 3 Pro a while back, then we had to move and unfortunately, I didn't make the time to label everything as I should have and the movers were not as gentle as they should have been and then we got sick (I mean kid in Dec, wife in Jan me in Feb).
    So by the time I got back to 'business' I was completely lost and so were some pretty important parts.
    Suck it up and start from scratch, so since I have had good luck w/ Bigtree Tech in the past I posted there and asked for a recommendation.
    Then I was looking on Creality's site (I know start there next time right?) and was really nicely surprised at what seemed like a really good value on what would be considered a premium MB board that looks like everything one would need (I have the BL Touch as well) https://www.creality3dofficial.com/products/creality-silent-mainboard-v4-2-7

    But I tried something similar in an Anet a few years ago and that's when I bought the ender. 😞

    So, I would love some recommendations on a good MB and LCD combo that is known to work well together, that would be a nice move from whats in the base package.
    My main prompt for the update in the 1st place was radically unpredictable adhesion. I would be rocking for 3 - 4 days and then nothing for weeks, then 3 - 4 days and nada.
    Tried just about every NON mb/lcd item I could find, new adjustment wheels, new springs, new plate, many different levelling options.
    SO, if you were able to do a direct swap, what would you recommend?


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