The Flexible Magnetic Ender Bed Mat

  • When I purchased my Ender Pro several years ago it came with a flexible magnetic mat that the model would be printed onto. After the bed had cooled you could take the mat off of the bed, bend it and the print would peel right off. Over time my adhesion went bad. Nothing would stick. Tried leveling the bed. Still didn't work. So I bought a new mat and low and behold I had the same level of adhesion I had when I first got my printer. However over time it too lost it's adhesion. I have tired every cleaning method I can think of. Rubbing alcohol, dawn dish soap and I still cannot get the level of adhesion I can get from a new mat. Am I destine to purchasing a $13.00 dollar mat every so often to continue to use this method of printing or is there a cleaning method that will get these mats back to adhering as good as the day they came out of the package? BTW I recently upgraded my motherboard and added the CR Touch Probe and it still did not help the old mats for adhesion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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