Printer won't print

  • I have just built an Ender3 PRO but I can't get it to print (shall worry about altering settings to up the quality once I can get it to print at all).

    My SD card (TF) socket seems VERY tempremental .

    Sometimes it registers as card missing (TF CARD ... NO) despite on a previous screen (info) it 'states' 'card inserted'

    Sometimes it recognises the card but on entering the card contents it appears empty

    Once in a blue moon it records the card as inserted and the card has stuff on it and it will print (maybe two or three layers) but just stop , nothing seems to work except turning the entire unit off.
    This final behaviour appears to be a misbehaving SD (TF) card so I tried various other cards I had lying about . All seem to exhibit the same behaviour .
    Sort of thing I mean Only using different cards solve nothing.

    Have (sort of ) now decided that the SD (TF) card slot itself is somehow FUBAR and it is not the individual cards .
    Had the motherboard cover off but there is nothing obviously wrong .

    New motherboard time?
    Do Creality tend to just send a new board (well within warranty)?
    Is changing MB easy?
    Can I just remove 'hot-snotted' connectors?

    Or is this a known easily fixable problem and I am overthinking it?

    Since then I have decided that even if the card slot problem is resolved it is a bit finiky in use so :-
    Have connected the printer direct to a PC using a USB cable (the PC is running Repetier-Host)
    now it will print for four or five times the way it was (even printing the 'raft' and a few layers ) then just stops.
    The 'log' on Repetier states (something like) " not the last line "
    Again stumped as to what is the cause .
    All i want is the unit to print I shall worry about quality later,

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