Cr10 v3 y axis stutter

  • Hello,

    My brand new cr10 V3 has developed a severe y axis stutter after approx 12 hours of printing. You can watch the bed stutter mid print several millimeters. All belts, v wheels and pulley set correct. Did I just get a lemon or am I missing something to correct the problem. Vref from factory is set to 1.38 on a 22.8 voltage.

    Any assistance would be appreciated as of right now it won’t even lay a first layer without shifting.


  • Don't know if you found the cause. I had almost the same problem. I found my problem was that a couple small pieces of filament, from a failed print, had gotten into the Y channel track, and it was overcoming that. Cleaned out the track really good, problem went away. Maybe this will help.


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