• No matter what I do, I just cannot get the bed level. I followed the instructions to the t but still it does not work.
    I am back using my ender 3 v2

  • @Joshua When you say cant level can you provide more detail as to the issue, I have to assume you know how to level as you have another model so I am reading that you are having difficulties getting it to level?

    First thing the CR touch has a 2mm failure threashold. So if "any" axis is off by 2mm after manual level it will fail the auto probe leveling. (Error 203)

    In my case with the S1 Pro my Z offset felt high at -3.10+ my suggestion is when you go to level it start fresh. With the bed cold disable the steppers and pull the bed toward you till it stops. Unscrew all 4 bed scews till they just pop off the threads then srew them back on just till you feel tension then you will notice the heat bed will have wiggle cause there is not alot of tension on the springs.

    Because the design is counter to logic raising the bed hight is by loosening the screws and vice versa it can be tricky balancing leveling. Screw each corner say 5 turns each do each corner one after the other till you cannot wiggle the bed easily then stop. You should be at max bed height.

    Preheat pla from the menu make sure both bed and nozzle are at temp.

    Go to level menu select auto level but do not hit start just let the Z axis prob the bed on its own. When it is done it will prob twice then stop in the lower position. Then hit the aux lvl.

    Start by manually leveling starting at #2 and go counter clock wise and use the screws and your paper and adjust each corner. Do NOT do this less than 3 or 4 times. Just do each corner till they all closely feel the same slight drag or scratch on the paper. Usually if I feel the nozzle scratch a little I back it off just a hair till it does not scratch but you can tell there is a light drag.

    Do not do the center. There is no need after the 4 corners are done #1 should be close enough. When you are finished go to auto level hit start it should completed. After auto level is done, go back to aux level go to #1 center and use the z axis button and adjust your offset using your paper and only the z offset button on the screen not the screws.

    Do a test cube test print. And adjust your Z offset if you need from there.

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